What we do.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

RFID uses the radio frequency portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that allows us, by using a tag, to uniquely identify an object, animal, or person. RFID technology is versatile by nature and offers endless opportunities to solve problems that need to be tracked and/or identified.

Computer Vision

Using digital image acquisition, processing and analysis represents a great opportunity to automate processes that currently require human intervention to run. We invite you to see our projects in this area.

Biometric Authentication

Biometrics is the use of physical characteristics of each individual to authenticate their identity. iKIMUN just closed a distribution agreement with EyeLock for their products based on iris biometrics. See our solutions.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Increased internet penetration by the decrease in connection costs has led to an increase in the interest of connecting different types of devices to the Internet. It allows, and will allow, greater control over processes, activities, outputs, etc. which could not previously be controlled remotely. Our role is to provide connectivity with the rational and efficient use of information.

About Us.

Our business model is industry agnostic and based on finding the best (simple and reliable) technology solution for niche opportunities, but with potential for scalability, and exportable across industries globally.


iKIMUN, LLC is a technology company based in Madison, WI USA with the development branch located in the San Francisco area, California. Madison and San Francisco are prime locations for a company like iKIMUN. Being located near the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison allows us to access and stay connected with the different technological trends that one of the best public universities in the US and the world has to offer. San Francisco, at the same time, is one of the largest technology hubs in the world, surrounded by talent and access to new technologies. iKIMUN is the vision of its founders to find a way to transfer and integrate technology to solve everyday problems in different industries. In addition, we were born as a platform for Sigma SA in Chile, a company that provides various services to the large Chilean mining industry. Sigma, through iKIMUN, seeks to create value by offering innovative solutions to the problems facing the industry in Chile mine solutions. Our solutions have a local look with a major focus on globalization, allowing us to capture market shares outside of Chile.